Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Ten Non-Playable Characters

My Top Ten Non-Playable Characters list is up at TGR, so you should likely go check that out, ya know, if you want. A quick note about Top X lists:

I'm tempted to say that I hate Top X lists; that they're the worst kind of feeble-minded pandering that is ruining the industry. And to an extent, I do. Rate the top 10 babes in gaming, get a ton of hits! It's not rocket science. Though I think there's more to them than selling out.

A good summation on a Top X list can bring new appreciation to that particular entry. I knew people liked Sephiroth, but had no idea why until forced to write that list and really force myself to understand his appeal. My only hope is that people learn as much from my lists reading them as I did writing them.

The other great thing about these lists is that they can highlight games and achievements you may not have thought about. When's the last time anyone's thought about Murray the Demonic Skull? He's a great character though, and if this helps bring Curse of Monkey Island to people's attention or remind them that they should play it, then the list has done its job. It's meant to refresh people's memories as well as turn them on to new stuff. Provided you can take Top X lists with a grain of salt and not get too wrapped up on how similar they are to your own personal choices, I think there's a lot of value to them. They may not be particularly deep, but they can work as a summary in what you might have missed or failed to fully appreciate your first time through.
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